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Facilities & Services

All infertility treatments need not to be expensive & all patients do not require In-vitro fertilization. We are having a wide range of procedures to offer according to individual need of couple after taking all factors into expensive procedures like SOIUI/Sperm freezing may be all that is needed to achieve a desirable outcome.

KJIVF organizes regular workshops and teaching programmes to update and share our knowledge and experience in advanced technology.

  1. ICSI – (Intracytoplasmic Injection) : This revolutionary techniques is an extended form of I.V.F. where a single sperm is introduced inside the egg in order to achieve a viable pregnancy. The procedure has given a new hope to patients with very few sperms or no sperms in semen for fathering child from their own sperms.
  2. Ovum Donation / Sharing programme for Elderly couples & Premature Ovaian failures : We are having a specially designed programme for this group a bright hope of parenthood to elderly couples and to the patients who are unable to produce eggs.
  3. High Resolution 3 D Sonography / Intervantional procedures : The centre is equipped with a fully digital,high resolution multi-frequency probes,3D-Sonoace-5500 with biopsy guide to perform all routine & Interventional procedures like:
    • Follicular Trekking
    • Antenatal scans
    • Cyst Aspirations
    • Fetal Reductions
    • Management of oligohydramnios etc.
    • Gynaecological-TVS.
  4. Our Pathology & RIA section is 1st ISO - 9001 - 2000 certified Lab of East Delhi, providing all hormone reports on the same day.
  5. Psychosexual clinic for both male & female is run daily to cater the special need of less discussed problems of individuals & couples.