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Hysteroscopy & Gynae Laparoscopy Surgery in Delhi


Gynae Laparoscopy Surgery Delhi | Gynae Laparoscopy Surgery India

Video Hysteroscopy & Laparoscopy gives an opportunity to visualize and evaluate the genital tract completely. It also provides the advantage of treating the defects or disease at the same sitting. Our Laparoscopy expert offering best Gynae Laparoscopy Surgery Delhi, India

The following Endoscopic procedures are perform at KJIVF by using high resolution Endovision System which are

Hysteroscopy Surgery India | Hysteroscopy Surgery Delhi

Hysteroscopy Surgery Delhi is the visual inspection of the interior of the uterine cavity through a small circular tube containing fibre optics.via hysteroscope which is an instrument through which the internal anatomy of uterus can be seen on a video monitor. A hysteroscopy surgery india of infertile female means the visual inspection of her uterus, uterine lining and the origin of the fallopian tubes or any other abnormalities associated with infertility.

Hysteroscopy Surgery India is performed for two purposes for Diagnosis and for Operation. Diagnostic Hysteroscopy is performed to diagnose uterus for any abnormality while operative hysteroscopy surgery delhi is performed to treat that abnormalities.

Conditions Treated using Hysteroscopy are:

Laparoscopy Surgery Delhi | Laparoscopy Surgery India

Laparoscopy is a process to see the inner pelvic organ in a barren female by the assistance of an instrument known as laparoscope , a little telescope-like apparatus with a light toward one side which is gone through a little entry point through the navel.

Laparoscopy Surgery Delhi is done utilizing general anesthesia and generally patients are released on same day. Entire technique is recorded and a CD is given for later viewing. The process is generally problem-free with the exception of in few cases of thick bowl adhesions where a dish or bladder harm may happen. Laparoscopy Surgery India explains the operation strategy with the help of different thin apparatus and a video camera supporting specialists to give astounding results.