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Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI) Treatment


IUI Clinic in Delhi | IUI Clinic India | IUI Treatment Center in Delhi

Our IUI Treatment Center in Delhi offer low-cost IUI treatment in Delhi India. The IUI treatment is offered to those couple whose cause of infertility has been access as below:

The IUI Treatment Process

IUI is a simple procedure provided by IUI Clinic in Delhi which increase the chances of conception in otherwise difficult situation. In IUI treatment in delhi , highly motile sperms are deposited inside the uterus at the time of egg release by a thin cathelier / tube. No hospitalization is required and you can resume your activities same day. IUI treatment is painless procedure and give a good outcome in minimal cost. 4 to 6 Cycles of IUI are enough to get maximum benefit of the procedure.

In our IUI Clinic India we start the process of IUI with tablets or gonadotropins injection which are prescribed to the female partner as it stimulates the growth of follicles and cause ovulation.

Due to effect of drug number of eggs are produced. The monitoring of above drug effects is done by tracking the development of follicles by Ultrasound. Many follicles will produce too many eggs and sometimes increase the risk of multiple pregnancy.

As one or two follicles have reached their maximum size, ovulation is again induced with another hormone injection contains (HCG) / Decapeptyl .

A fresh sample of sperm is collected just before the IUI procedure from male partner by masturbation and then sperm is washed and highly motile sperms are obtained and kept ready for the insemination.

Then washed sperms are released high into the uterus of the female partner through a fine Catheter. The procedure is painless and hardly take 15 to 20 minutes .

After completion of IUI procedure You will be given instructions on how long to abstain from intercourse, and any resting periods. In general after the IUI one can enjoy the general life without any restriction. Get the best IUI treatment at our IUI treatment center in Delhi.

IUI Clinic in Delhi | IUI Clinic India