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In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) Treatment


IVF Treatment in India | Affordable IVF in India


Affordable IVF in India, IVF treatment center in Delhi offering low-cost IVF treatment in Delhi. our center offered IVF to those couples who are suffering from infertility due to following reasons:-

IVF Treatment Process

  1. The Affordable IVF in India includes the growth of good quality eggs by fertility drugs, observing the total cycle with the help of regular ultrasound and lots of other tests, collection and fertilization of eggs in a test tube, outside woman’s womb and then transferring the embryos into the woman’s womb.
  2. At the beginning, some blood tests are done to check the woman’s womb, ovaries and hormone level as LH, Estrogen, FH, etc. Then, ultrasound scan is done to check the lining of ovaries and uterus. The tests of HIV, Hepatitis and other infections are done in both partners and also a detailed semen profile is carried out.
  3. Doctors prescribe some injections for super ovulation so that the ovaries can produce numerous eggs than a single egg. The whole process is done under the constant supervision of the doctor with the help of multiple Ultra Sound Scans. These ultra sounds are done to check the growth of follicles and the lining of the uterus. The doses of fertility drugs are changed according to these scan reports. Usually, injections for 20 days are enough to get positive response.
  4. Collection of Egg: The next step is Vaginal Ultrasound Guided Egg Collection. In this process, a fine hollow needle is inserted into the ovary through vagina under the ultrasound guidance. It sucks out the fluid from the follicles which contain eggs. To complete the procedure, mild anesthesia is done on the patient and it takes not more than 30 minutes. The collected eggs are kept in well prepared culture medium to test the maturity. Then those eggs are placed into an incubator for certain time before fertilization with sperm. Side by side, the semen sample is collected from the male partner. The sperm is washed and kept ready for fertilization. The whole process is a day care procedure and patients can be released after 2-3 hours of resting.
  5. After examining the maturity of the eggs, those are fertilized with sperm. This process is done in the specially prepared culture medium and placed into the incubator. After 12 hours (approximately), the eggs start to divide into two cells and so on. The embryo becomes ready to transfer within 48 to 72 hours of the collection of eggs. Grown embryos are observed for two days and the best of them are transferred back to Uterine Cavity.
  6. At par of international standard, we assure approximately 30-35% pregnancy rate per cycle. The protocols are made and planned so that it suits everyone and they don’t need to compromise on quality and result. We also offer an exclusive ovum sharing program where extra eggs can be shared with needy patients and thus, the cost is also brought down. IVF treatment center in Delhi for Affordable IVF in India.
IVF Cost in India