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IVF Treatment for Overseas Patients


Low Cost IVF Delhi | Low Cost IVF in India

KJIVF Laparoscopy and Test Tube Baby Center is providing all high quality infertility services specially in IVF ( Test Tube Baby ) Procedure under one roof at very low cost ivf in India. As our mission is " To Provide maximum benefit of advanced Technology to all infertile couples at an affordable cost" . Working towards mission KJIVF has also started to provide its services to all infertile couple who is in need from all around the globe whether from outside Delhi or from outside India. Arrival in Delhi, a capital city of India is very easy from all corner of the world as well as from India. Delhi is connected by Air from all over the world and most of the cities in India. It is also connected through Rail Network from all major cities in India.

The procedure of IVF is not need any hospitalization it is a day care procedure. You have to visit our clinic for only consultation or Scan or for procedure and that takes not so much of time. It is a specialty of KJIVF that all the IVF procedure which includes the consultation, ultrasound scans, egg pickup, fertilization and embryo transfer are performed by Dr Kuldeep Jain himself. We are not dependent on any other doctor because it is so delicate work which required high level of expertise and accuracy. As a result of personal care of Doctor himself the possibilities to become pregnant is very high after the IVF procedure. The rate of pregnancy after IVF procedure is also remarkable. In our hands, the procedure gives approximately 30% pregnancy rate which at par of international standards. Protocols are planned and made available to suit all pockets without compromising on quality and results.

As we are providing comprehensive IVF treatment and Low Cost Surrogacy Program Delhi under one roof so patient need not to visit any other place or any other clinic for any clinical diagnosis or for any Ultrasound. KJIVF is only working in the field of treatment for the infertile couple not doing any other activity so our center is only dedicated for the Infertility Treatment. For Low Cost IVF Delhi kindly contact us.

How treatment Starts
You have to contact Dr. Kuldeep Jain via email - drjain@kjivf.com or on phone for Low Cost IVF in India. Doctor then suggest you for few preliminary test which you have to carried out at your own city. The report may be sent to the doctor on email or via mail as suitable. After studying the report you may be advised for the few medication accordingly. The treatment of IVF starts from the Day 1 of your cycle but if other facilities are available in your city then you have to come Delhi on Day 10 for alternate day Scan. If your husband is not accompanying with you on same day no problem he can join on Day 14 and only for one day. If your husband cannot join with you due to his busy schedule only thing you have to carry is frozen sperm of your husband with you.